Facade Thermal panels

Facade insulated panels (front Thermal) – is almost ready for effective insulation facade structures, protect structures against weathering, as well as to change the exterior. Facade thermal panels fabricated from expanded polystyrene plate density 35 kg / m³. in which “flooded” decorative wall tiles in size 250 × 65 mm, located in accordance with brickwork. Tile seams (90%) are filled with a special solution having adhesion to non-porous basics and good weatherability..

Tile “under a brick” – a special tile that guarantees reliable without adhesive bonding with the base made ​​of polymer mixtures in our company.

The choice is made in favor of such material is protected by patent of Ukraine and due to several advantages over traditional ceramic tile:
– Low water absorption (0.06%);
– Increased frost (at least 200 cycles);
– Lack of efflorescence;
– Absence of delamination, cracks and other surface defects;
– Great colors;
– Less weight;
– Lower cost;
– Lightweight mounting process.

Facade thermal panels from “Pan-Plast: the panel under the brick, filled with seam, without the completed weld thermal panels. Buy thermopanels from “Pan-Plast” (Ukraine).