Polymer-sand Tile

The structure of polymer-sand tile includes: polymeric material (binder), silica sand (filler) and an inorganic pigment (dye).

The polymeric material similar to that used for the manufacture of food packaging. Inorganic pigments – iron oxide.

Purchasing polymer material and pigment, carefully checks for sanitary-epidemiological certificate.

In the procurement of sand required to provide a certificate of radiation.

Technology of production of polymer-sand tile ensures the stability and consistency of its size – because the size specifies by the mold, and the human factor is excluded.

The pigment is added during the preparation of polymeric material (before the stage of formation of the product), so that uniform coloring tile not only on the surface but also on a cut.


The set includes the following types of tile:


ordinary “romanska”

ordinary “Panska”

ridge “romanska”

ridge “Panska”

ridge initial


final ridge

wind left

wind rights

Polymer products produce the following basic colors:

№1 – orange;

№2 – red(dark-red);

№3 – brown;

№4 – black;

№5 – green;

Other colors – by the request of the customer.


Pigment use only German manufacturer – known firm “BAYER”.

They are highly-resistant to climatic environmental factors, ultraviolet and infrared spectrum of solar radiation, in addition, we add light stabilizers Israeli production.

For each user, calculate the needs of tiles, and additional elements – depending on the size of the roof.


 Provide each consumer:

A copy of the conclusion of sanitary examination №05.05.02-04 / 1100 of 15.01.2010 issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;

– Guidelines for the installation of the roof of polymer-sand tile;

– Guarantee Certificate.