Benefits of polymer tiles

Tile – one of the best roofing materials. House under tile is extremely attractive and decorative appearance. Therefore, the using of roofing tiles are used for more than one millennium.

Recently there was known three basic types of of tile – ceramic, concrete and metal.

Of course, ceramic tile is very beautiful, durable, has good insulation and a number of other characteristics. But it is expensive, quite heavy (requires reinforced rafters).

Concrete tiles are much cheaper, but less attractive and hard permeable, has a low resistance to frost.

Metal looks very attractive, lightweight, available in different shapes and colors, but has a low sound insulation and high thermal conductivity. Over time, the paint peels and metal rusts.

Polymer products were invented in the 70s of the last century. Within three decades, they have become so common in almost every village you can find a house covered with tiles of polymer.

Polymer tile – it is an ideal material for everything roofs both residential and industrial buildings.

Polymer tile is a very durable material. It does not broken during transportation, installation and falling from a height. This material is maintained, you can walk on it, which is unacceptable for most other roofing materials.

Polymer tile has a long service life, its service life is not less than that of ceramic tiles.

This tile is resistant to changes in temperature and retains all its properties in the range of -50 to +150 ° C.

Polymer tile has a relatively low weight, it is almost twice lighter than concrete or ceramic.

The roof of polymer-sand tile has a good sound insulation, absorbs sound of falling rain or hail.

Polymer tile has low thermal conductivity – in summer under roof space does not overheat, and in winter is not supercooled.

Such tile are not afraid of molds, it is resistant to aggressive environment (acids and alkalis) will not rust.

Polymer tile practically does not absorb water, so does not increase the weight of the roof.

Such roof does not accumulate dangerous for human static electricity.

Laying can be carried out by unprofessional. For changing the spoiled piece of tile does not need the complete dismantling of the roof.